After Class Assist, was established in 2017 after realizing that most learners in high school struggled with their studies. The programme was developed to assist them initially with homework and assignments but further introduced professional tutoring since many learners did not understand the work done in class. The programme offered grade 8 and 9 learners tutoring and assistance with their assignments and assisted them in the two subjects which they really struggled, but has currently expanded to grades and 11.

The vision of this programme is to provide quality tutoring to the less privileged and give them a chance at a University Education. We strive to enhance the quality of education in our country through this programme. We encourage excellence in all our learners.

The mission of AFTER CLASS ASSIST is to offer Mathematics and Science tutoring to the high school learner and give them an opportunity to enter into University. Our Skilled tutors are always ready and consistently available to assist the learners. Through these subject offerings we are able to build a community that understand innovation and practise new ideas.

The objective is to see more high school learners choosing the subject offering (Mathematics and Sciences) with confidence and to see them excel in the subjects. We encourage the learners to aspire a University education and start careers in their high school lives so that they are able to contribute positively to society.

The future of our generation. Our joy and hope. True leaders, World Changers and History Makers, with their big dreams and endless imagination, we believe that our future is bright!

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