PAMPIRI ART is an art programme that was developed for art lovers around the community of Atteridgeville. We invite young people to come and express themselves through art by teaching them new skills and enhancing the skills of those who are already into art. This programme is designed to connect the professional creative with students to enhance their knowledge and skills in the arts. We collaborate with artists to learn more about the industry and their trade. This programme also gives the youth an opportunity to be entrepreneurs as it takes them to Markets to sell their products once they have perfected the skill. This programme also gives the artist exposure in the market.

This programme aims to empower the young mind to use their creativity in the arts to create innovative and creative things and be able to earn a living from it. We have targeted youth from the ages of 10 years to 18 years in our community

True Butterfly has identified that there are many artists around our area that can impart some knowledge and offer skills development to the young creative. We have come up with a way to connect the young artist with the professional creative through holiday workshops where the girls and boys get to learn about different trades

The Art Programme provides knowledge and entrepreneurial skills to the young artist to improve their home circumstance and their way of thinking to encourage a non- conventional way of making a living

We invited Morongwe Mokone (30) from Kamers Vol Geskenke Markets, who is a craftswoman specializing in origami to come and teach us about her craft and new ways to do origami. We took her teachings into developing a new product which will be sold in Markets soon. We are looking forward to the finished product. The money made from the sales will act as a donation and will go to an Arts and Craft developmental program that encourages entrepreneurship in youth.

Find Moronga Mokone at "Mo's Crib" at the next Kamers Vol Geskenke Markets.

The future of our generation. Our joy and hope. True leaders, World Changers and History Makers, with their big dreams and endless imagination, we believe that our future is bright!

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